The Bee Problem

For the last week or so, Top Ender has found a few Bees in her bedroom. This is odd, because she doesn't generally open her bedroom window and we haven't found any in the rest of the house. And then when her bedroom door was shut all day we found two in there at bedtime.

We realised that there must be a Bees nest near, and it must have a back door to Top's room.

Sure enough a quick look on the outside of our house, and we could see a lot of Bees buzzing around a hole in the fascia. We looked in the loft, but we couldn't see a nest, so we guessed the nest/hive must be in the wall cavity and whilst we understand that Bees aren't a problem and that they need our help because they are declining in numbers, we couldn't have Bees in Top Ender's room.

White Tailed Bumble Bee on Chive Flower

So we called a professional, and he came out and he couldn't see the nest after having an explore either. We knew for definite it had to be in the wall cavity and the only way we'd be able to remove the Bees would be to kill them. He explained that we had to do it because the White Tailed Bumble Bees were finding their way into a child's room, and there was the risk of her being stung. What else could we do? So the nice professional man sorted it out for us, and within a couple of days we shouldn't have any more Bees buzzing around Top Ender's window or in her bedroom.

To make up for it though, we're going to make a Bee hotel to put in an area of our garden that we don't use, so that Bees know that we love them... we just don't want them living in our house!

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