The Concert Effect

As Top Ender plays the Violin and has done for a few years now, this past School year, Tops has been a part of the School Orchestra. I love going to the School Concerts, to hear how the Children are developing their musical talents and I love that the teachers that can play an instrument are also encourage to join in the fun. Last week was what one of the other Mums and I swear is normally called the Summer Concert, although this time it was just called the School Concert.

Top Ender's Violin

The concert was brilliant, all the children who I know (and those I don't) performed BRILLIANTLY and it was great to see the children enjoying playing for others and realising that their talent was bringing joy to others. It's made me want to start to play, not just the Guitar (Which I will get out of the cupboard in the next few days) but another instrument. I just have to decide which one.

I used to play the trombone, I was never any good at it and then with my Brace it made it painful to play and so I gave it up. I learnt to play the keyboard, I was actually okay at this, despite not having something to practice on of equal quality at home. I gave up though because paying for lessons was expensive and I didn't see the point in paying for them once I had passed my Music GCSE. I used to sing, all the time. Properly I mean, not just out loud. I had singing lessons, I repaired my broken voice and I had a HUGE range thanks to a couple of great teachers who developed me. And then I stopped.

I'm hoping that the concert effect will wear off in the next couple of weeks, that I won't end up scouring the local Charity shops for a clarinet, or an oboe, or a flute or even a trumpet...

I'm not the only one who concerts have this effect on am I?

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