Next Week's Lunches (W/C 29/06)

I think that lunch may be one of the best meals of the day, if you eat a packed lunch. I love trying to make the lunches special and I know that my two enjoy the little touches that I add.

Saturday - Beans on Toast

The Children are big fans of Beans on Toast at lunch, as is Daddy. I'm less of a fan, but you know what they say... if you can't beat them join them!

Sunday - Fish Finger Sandwiches

As we're eating at the Munch and Mingle this evening, I thought that a fish finger sandwich would go down well before we went.

Monday - Carrot and Cheese Bagels

We've not had these for a while, so I hope the children love them as much as they used to!

Tuesday - Ham Sandwich

Daddy is in charge of making lunch today, so I've made it nice and easy. Ham Sandwiches (which he can cut into different shapes if he wants) with Cucumber, with a piece of fruit (Pineapple), a drink and a "treat". See easy.

Wednesday - Pizza Pittas

Big Boy loves making these as they are so easy, we're going to make them together as I'm pretty sure Big Boy will have me up early because he's missed me.

Thursday - Quiche

Last year on the 4th July we had Star Quiche to celebrate the 4th July. We're going to do something similar this year... I just hope it works!

Friday - Top Ender's Friday Lunch And Big Boy's Too!

We're going to be on a World Tour for the next few weeks until, School is over. Today we are going to go with a Swedish theme, which shouldn't be a surprise seeing where I was at the start of the week!

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