A Little More #Review

A few weeks back, a new drink was sent to Top Ender, Big Boy and I to try out. I was intrigued about the idea as the drinks are a range of essential vitamin-enriched drinks designed especially for Children and with a sports cap and a sensible size of 330ml, they are the good size to add to a lunchbox or as is the case with my two, perfect for stowing in my handbag for when we are out and about and a bottle of "plain" water just won't do. 

A Little More essential vitamin-enriched drinks

As you may guess looking at the bottles, they are indeed a blend of fruit flavours (Mango, Apple and Orange) with water and as an added bonus, they have no added sugar. The thing that sold me on the drinks wasn't that they are under 10 calories a bottle, but the amount of carbs in each bottle (the carb count is important for us as it's how we calculate BB's insulin) is around 0.3g.

The children and I conducted a very scientific taste test, where to the sound of Salt-N-Pepa singing Push It we drank a little of each flavour and had a dance (I so wish I'd thought to video it, especially because I still remember the Salt-N-Pepa Dance and the children spent most of the time wetting themselves. Wait until they see my Spice Girls Wannabe performance!).

The results were that both children LOVED the Mango flavour. Neither of them liked the Apple, but then they aren't Apple fans generally and both liked the Orange flavour. I liked all of them, but it was the Apple one that I liked most seeing as how that was what I was left with.

The children think I should also point out that the drinks don't in any way enhance my ability to dance.

The A Little More drinks are available from Tesco, ASDA and Ocado stores but we had them sent to us to try for the purpose of this review.