Bostik Valentine's Crafts

I love Valentines day.

I love it not because of the chance I have to get flowers and chocolates (please no chocolate this year! I'll take socks as an alternative!) or because I think the shops look lovely covered in hearts and plastered with reminders that Valentines Day is coming up. No, I love it because Valentines Day gives me a chance to let everyone know how much I love them. Even you. And I love you the most, just don't tell all the others okay?

I remember learning about how the Greeks had defined love as being different for different people. Phileo for friendship, Eros for romantic partners, Agape for the love of God to mankind and vice versa and of course Storge which is family love.


So the children weren't really into making crafts and so I didn't force them too. That's the great thing about crafting, if you're not into it then don't do it! I know that they'll ask for supplies again soon and that's fine by me.

Bostik Craft Items

So I made a book mark for Top Ender.

I cut a strip of sparkly card, I took a foam heart and a fabric heart embellishment and simply stuck them together using the Bostik mini glue dots.

Sparkly Bookmark before assembly

I left a bit of space on the foam heart so that the whole thing wasn't stuck to the sparkly card. I did this, as I love having book marks that stick over the edge of a page, I think it looks cute!

Top Ender's new Bookmark

The next step was making cards. I decided to make a couple for the children, as I'd already chosen a card for my lovely husband. Using foam hearts, I made an owl card for each of them.

I did try to make a cat, but it looked more like a mouse...

So those were my last minute Valentine Crafts. What have you been making?

The box of craft items was provided to free of charge by Bostik as part of the Tots100/Bostik Craft Bloggers Club.