Simple Snowman Cakes And A Call For Snowy Craft Ideas!

Last year, I baked some really simple Snowmen Cakes for my Primary class at Church. They were so simple and yet so impressive, that I thought it might be fun to make them again this year when we got some snow. It seemed to me over the last few weeks that Milton Keynes was the only place in the UK with no snow and as my children were getting restless (okay I was) I'm so pleased that now we have the snow!

Simple Snowman Cakes

To make the cakes, I cut a circle of icing slightly smaller than the cake to place on top of the cupcakes using my cookie cutters. I wet the bottom of the icing to make sure it would stick to the cake (mainly because I didn't want to use jam) and then decorated the circle with two chocolate drops for eyes, an orange tictac for a carrot nose and my trusty black food pen to make the dotty mouth, you could use sesame seeds or sugar strands though.

Simple right?

So a challenge for you all now, what simple Snowman crafts can you create that the children and I can recreate? Extra points if you recreate my now infamous Breast Pad Snowmen!

Breast Pad Snowmen

Let me know in the comments, if you have any Snow crafts as I've got a feeling the children are going to get bored of the snow quite quickly (it's cold and wet and cold and wet!) and of course, when the children do get bored these cakes and an evening of other snow crafts will mean a warm and dry winter wonderland for us to frolic in!