Family Savings - The End And A Treat

When the Children, Daddy and I discussed where we should go to dinner together as the treat that we'd been saving up for we knew we wanted to go to one of the new Restaurants that has opened up next to the MK Dons stadium, or as we call it The Queens Cinema. In the end we decided as a family on Pizza Express because they do a good gluten free Pizza and Chocolate Brownie which means that Daddy would be able to enjoy a full meal too.

Pizza Express, where the children paid for our meall

The meal out was fantastic fun, the food was yummy and filling and we all had a good giggle. The best part however was when it was time to pay the bill. The children took great delight in pulling out the money we'd collected and handing over the right amount of cash (and tip) to the chap who'd served us and kept us entertained all night. I think that he was more surprised to see the children paying for our meal than he was that the children remembered to give him a tip.

When we got back home, we put the rest of the money back into the Piggy Bank and the children decided that every couple of months or so we'll have a family activity paid for by them. I think that the children learnt a lot this past month and not just about saving up to reach a goal!

I think that the Children have both learnt how much determination it takes to save up a large amount of money, especially when you're saving up a little amount each week. I think that because Daddy and I were also topping up the fund it seemed everything got bigger quicker, but in the future the children will be saving on their own and they are going to need to learn patience to go with their determination.

The Children have both learnt that they can work together to reach a goal and this is something that I've been waiting for them to realise for a LONG time!

Lastly, the Children have learnt that giving to others is a gift to themselves too. The Children were so pleased and proud of themselves for having paid for dinner and the comments that I got about it on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram showed me that other people were also proud of the Children and the choices they made in paying for a meal for the family.

So it's with thanks to Family Investments that we had a brilliant night out as a family, as without them challenging the children to save we would never have started what looks to be a new family tradition.

We were challenged to do this by Family Investments, we could win a family day out but we're just enjoyed the challenge!