Valentine's Dates and Milkshakes!

One of the things that my friends and I chat about is, unsurprisingly saving money. A lot of my friends have, like me, chosen to stay at home and despite having joint accounts with our husbands at our banks, we sometimes feel that cooking, cleaning, doing the school run's and whatever else it is that we seem to fill our time with doesn't equally contribute to the level that our husbands do. So we talk about saving money and having a good marriage and strengthening our families and we wonder what we can do and swap ideas and recipes and talk about everything else we can think of that would be of interest to each other as much as it was to ourselves. As is normal at this time of year, we've been talking about Valentines Day and it seems that everyone has got something sorted.

Apart from me.

So here is my fail proof recipe that I'm using to make lovely Strawberry Milkshakes for some of those special people in my life... mainly Top Ender, Big Boy and Daddy but I might have some other loved ones out there!

Valentine's Milkshakes

Valentine's Strawberry Milkshakes with Sugar Strand Rimmed Glasses


300ml Milk
3 Scoops Vanilla Ice-Cream
225g Strawberries (Plus extra if you want to hold any back to decorate)

50g White Chocolate

Whipped Cream (or Squirty!)



Melt your white chocolate (It could be milk or dark chocolate but I think white looks nicer!) and then dip the rim of the glasses or what you are going to put the Milkshake into (Mason Jars, Milk Bottles, Shot Glasses,Cocktail Glasses!) the melted chocolate.

Slowly dip the wet chocolate rimmed glasses into the sprinkles and twist them to ensure the whole chocolate area gets covered. Put the glasses into the Fridge to allow the chocolate and sprinkles to set on the glasses.

Whilst waiting for it to set, prepare your Strawberries, by hulling them. I also halved them, but you don't have to.

Whizz together the Milk, Ice-Cream and Strawberries in a food processor, (or by hand using a hand food processor or however it is that you do it!) until they are all smooth and well blended and basically a really nice thick shake. 

Strawberries and Ice Cream ready to blend together

If you like it thinner add more milk. If it's not thick enough then either add more ice-cream or crushed ice.

Pour the Milkshake into the glasses (Try to miss the rim!) and top with Cream. 

Top the cream with sprinkles or a couple of slices of Strawberry, or sweets or crushed meringue or whatever it is that you've got left in the Kitchen. 

Stick in a straw and serve to your nearest and dearest... or simply drink it all yourself!

TSB thought I'd like some vouchers in exchange for a Valentine's Recipe. I thought it a fair swap!