Explosions of Fun

Big Boy and I were walking home after School the other night, when I stuck my hand in my coat pocket and pulled out a surprise for Big Boy. At Christmas we had each been given a box of Fun Snaps by Father Christmas and mine had magically worked it's way into my coat pocket. We walked the long way home as we knew that we'd be the only ones walking down the hill, as the older children in our road wouldn't have finished School yet and none of them live between the top of the hill and our house.

A handful of Fun Snaps

We enjoyed throwing the Fun Snaps as we walked down the hill, at invisible Zombies and other scary monsters that BB said were hiding around corners, behind trees and around the back of cars. Eventually we only had a few from my packet left and we were back at our house.

We had an idea. With the angle we had parked the car, we figured that we could hide behind it, wait for Top Ender to come down the road and then throw them at the ground behind her in order to give her a surprise!

So we hid behind the car, sneaking peeks up the road to see if we could see Tops walking down the road. Eventually she arrived and as she stood at the front door, we surprised Top Ender by Big Boy throwing a few at the ground between him and her and me throwing them at the ground in front of her.

Top Ender going to get me with the Fun Snaps

Sure enough there was a big laugh, and Top Ender ran inside to grab her box of the Fun Snaps and Big Boy ran off to find his.

A battle between them ensued, with them both kindly donating a few to me, so that I could join in the fun again.

Some of the Fun Snaps Action

It was one of the most fun after School activities that we'v had... I'm off to the shops to buy some more Fun Snaps for some half term fun.