I Need Help With My Plans!

There are plans formulating in our home. Well, there are always plans formulating in our home, but these ones are quite specific plans. For what seems like a few years, Flyfour and I have been talking about improvements that we want to make, things that would make our home better, things that would make us happier... but we had no money and so these ideas, these plans have stayed in our heads, occasionally being voiced during those hypothetical conversations about what would you do if you had a million pounds?

Flyfour and PippaD

Recently, however, we realised that it was now or never. If we were going to make these home improvements we had to start now. So, we drew up a list and refined that list again and again until we got a list of things which were important for us, that would benefit us and that we could afford.

Remodel the bathroom.
Replace the Kitchen roof and maybe remodel it too.
Replace the carpet on the Stairs, landings and in the bedrooms.
Replace the front door.
Create a better outdoor living space.
Replace the garage.

There are more things that we would like to do, things that we have whittled off the list because the benefits from them aren't as great as the ones that are listed above.

And so now the real hard work starts.

Flyfour and I have very different ideas and tastes and we need to discover the ideal middle ground. Something that we are both happy with, something that we are both going to have enjoyment from. Something that we are going to have to live with for the next however many years.

So, firstly if you follow me on Pinterest I apologise for the spam you're probably getting from all my ideas that I'm pinning. Secondly, I apologise if you come around my house during the next few months because you'll either be climbing over piles of brochures, sitting in the middle of a building site or being bribed into helping out!

What I really do need however is your advice!

What have you done in your home that you can't believe you didn't do before? What have you got in your home that is just totally amazeballs? Where did you get the funky furniture from? What about the too cool wallpaper? Just spam me with your ideas so I can steal them and make my husband love them as much as you do!