My Birthday Wish List

It's nearly my birthday and so I've been thinking about what I would like, as I know that people are going to be asking me in the next few days. Actually, that's a lie. Flyfour has already told me to put whatever I want into an Amazon wishlist and he'll just order from that (he actually told me to leave it in his basket to start with!) and surprise me with a few little bits too.

So, I sat and thought about what I would like, just typing the words that fell out of my head, not caring about cost or availability just my material self, raising its head and pouring out onto the page. It made me feel better to make a list, and also made me feel a little greedy. Once I started thinking about it, there were hundreds of things that I would like. I took off things like a new Kitchen and a new Bathroom because hopefully by the end of the Summer they will be installed. I also took off a gardener, because I kinda want to do the garden on my own... well one I've had a tradesman in to do the heavy lifting bit of laying a patio and building a wall and the like.

So, I present to you in no particular order other than this is the way it fell out of my brain, my Birthday wishlist.

A Yummy Birthday Cake And Candles

Art Supplies

Despite Flyfour worrying that I'm turning into his mother I really want some art supplies to further my creative interests just like I explained in my blog post the other day. Pastels, Pencils some Watercolours and of course some sketch books would all be well appreciated by me.

Plus, they will keep me quiet and he'll be able to spend time watching Wimbledon without my entertaining commentary.

Dresses, some Shoes and a Coat

I was talking with a friend at one of the School's I volunteer at and realised that I had changed from having all black clothes to almost all blue clothes. I love that I'm wearing colour now, but I really want to expand my wardrobe a little more and seeing as how I'm losing weight I should probably also buy a few items that are in a smaller size too.

Plus, who doesn't love a lovely dress from Scarlett and Jo? I'd need some Hotter shoes to go with them. Three pairs ought to cover it don't you think?

Of course, I'm still after a Princess style coat too.


I love candles. I love ones that smell of cotton and ones that smell like the sea and ones that smell of flowers and ones that smell like cherries... plus I'm pretty sure that the whole setting light to something and slowly watching it melt away is a primal thing.

Pillow and a Duvet Set

I love my pillows, but they are getting a bit old and so I should probably invest in some new ones. Or someone could buy me one! I really like the ones with speakers in, but I'm not sure that they are really a sound investment. I do like the idea of falling asleep listening to something intelligent and becoming more intelligent overnight, however!

I love that one of our New Year's Eve traditions is that Flyfour buys some bedlinen, washes it and gets it on our bed. I love that he tries to pick a design that he thinks I'll love, or that is fun and I think that I need some Birthday Bed Linen.

Failing that I think that Flyfour should buy me a Totoro Sleeping Bag or a giant Baymax pillow. It's not like he needs to share the bed with me right?

Tooth Cleaning/Whitening and Make-Up

Now, I know what you are thinking. I used to have really white teeth and I want to again, so a good clean and a whitening would do wonders for my confidence. As would some new make-up, because I never know what it is that I should be buying or how I should be wearing it and since Top Ender stole some of my supplies I'm depleted!


Every week when I go and do the food shop, I also pick up a bunch of flowers. I like to have them in the living room, as I feel that they make the room look nicer and brighter and it's a luxury that I can afford each week.

There is also a psychological benefit to having plants and flowers around the home, did you know that? Apparently, if you are ill you need fewer painkillers, you have better cognitive function and they enhance our moods and leave us feeling less anxious.

Unless you have hayfever. In which case cancel all of the above.

Books, books and more books

It is not a secret that I love books.

A few books I got for my birthday a couple of years ago

Whilst I don't hoard them, I do like to have a healthy number around me at all times and it's got so well known at one of the Schools that I volunteer at, that staff members have been lending me various titles belonging to them and my Amazon wishlist is getting longer and longer.

Top Ender is just the same and just last week had a fellow pupil ask why she always had a different book when they saw her. Apparently her "Because I read them" wasn't the answer they were looking for. She has taken to copying me and having at least two books in her bag (you might not be in the mood to read a heavy book or that lighthearted one) and on the go at all times!

I did notice the other day when I was looking up my Listography book for my blog post about lists (how funny, I just realised this is a list!) that there is a parenting one, a music one, a book one, a spiritual one, a future one, a personal one, film, friends, food... honestly there are plenty there to keep me going. I wonder if there is one which lists the Listography books?

So there you go my materialistic self, has taken over and given its demands. What would you like for your birthday this year?