The Easter Secret Service!

On Easter Saturday, Flyfour and I had decided that after we had watched Doctor Who as a family,  (wasn't it fantastic? Bill is brilliant and added some much-needed lightheartedness and banter to the show!) that we would all head out to Tesco to grab a couple of last minute supplies and hopefully a few reduced bargains.

We didn't get any bargains. We did bump into Top Ender's Guides Leader though, which was nice.

Anyway, as we got home, we noticed there was something hanging from the front door.

An Easter gift left as an act of Secret Service from someone in our ward
When we looked at it, we saw that it was a bag of Easter treats and according to the note left in the bag, it was for Top Ender!

Now, normally I wouldn't let Top Ender eat sweets that were left hanging on the front door by a stranger, but we could see there was a note in the bag, which identified that the sweets had been left by someone who goes to our Church and that they were doing secret service so we decided that it was all okay.

Top Ender, Flyfour, Dan Jon J and I have been trying to work out who it was that left the gift and so we have created a list of people we think could have been responsible (two of our main suspects are on holiday so we've wiped them off the list!) and as the note also had an email address I'm using all my skills to find out who it is registered to!

Top Ender with her Easter Treat Bag

Really though, we don't mind if we don't find out who it is that left the gift. We just love that someone has been so thoughtful and has got us talking about doing some of our own secret service to those around us.

Have you ever had a secret surprise left at your home or have you ever left a secret surprise for someone? Let me know in the comments!