List Writing

I like making lists.

I'm pretty certain that sometimes I make lists just to put off actually doing the things that I put on my lists. Like as I'm walking home from dropping Dan Jon Jr off at School I'll recite a list to myself of the things that I've already done and things that I'm going to do when I get in.

a random list of meals my family likes

Dishes are done, bleach is down the toilet, the washing is on, open the windows in the bedrooms, swap the wash out, hang the wash out, put the recycling out, wash the cat bowls, dust the living room, dust the hallway, polish the mirrors (why do we have so many mirrors in our house?), empty the bins in the bedrooms...

And then I repeat it again and again as a mantra for my morning and until all my tasks are done.

Then on my walk home from School at lunch time, I start again with chores for the afternoon or things I want to get done.

Water the plants, eat lunch, start cooking dinner, write the shopping list, fill up the jugs, close the windows, Scripture Study, print off Dan Jon's Mummy home School worksheets, print off Top Ender's Mummy home School worksheets, run the vacuum cleaner over, Church primary stuff, Read, draw, knit, blog, sing, Personal Progress...

And as before, I repeat it again and again until I've knocked everything off the list or the children are home and I need to turn my attentions elsewhere.

I got myself a gift for Christmas a couple of years back. It's a book that you should write lists in, an autobiography in list form. I haven't filled it in yet though. I have so many things that I want to write in there, but I have a problem.

Listography - my book of lists

I hate to write anything permanent in anything but my best handwriting. I hate for things to be in the wrong order, I hate for things not to be spelt correctly and for ink blots and smudges to pepper my page. So I've not written in my book of lists. I've not used the gift perfectly designed for me.

I'm not the only one who loves writing lists, am I?