What We Are Eating W/C 1st April 2017

Okay, first of all, I can't believe it is April already. It's like one month until my birthday. Secondly, today marks, (well yesterday marked) the last day of our six-week diet/lifestyle change. Flyfour and I both lost over a stone each, and are rightly pleased about it. It's great right?

The good news is that we have adapted to this lifestyle and the next six weeks are going to be a test of that. Flyfour and I have decided that we'll stick with the same breakfast and lunch ideas (so basically either Cereal with a yoghurt, or toast and a yoghurt sort of thing for breakfast and something along the lines of a sandwich and salad at lunch time) and get a bit more creative with our evening meals... or rather the children and Flyfour are going to!

Oooh look, a Chicken Salad!

The family gave me a suggestion of all the different meals that they like and asked that I find ways to incorporate them into the lifestyle. Some of the recipes were fine as they were, others needed a little adaptation and some were changed quite a bit... Just watch out over the next six weeks to see if you can work out what we have done.

So, what are we eating this week?

Roast Chicken

The children are still loving their roasts, so in the interests of family harmony, I'll keep adding them to the meal plan! I'll be home this Sunday, so I'll take over the cooking of the roast and will add a few more different vegetables to the meal. I'm going with cabbage, peas, sprouts, broccoli and of course the favourite carrots.

I figure that the more vegetables there are in the meal, the fuller we'll feel and as they are lower calorie that's better than filling up on Yorkshire Puddings, Roast Potatoes and gravy!

Pasta and Sauce

I'm going to teach the children how to make a sauce this week. I figure they would both love knowing how to make a good tomato sauce rather than the naff ones you sometimes buy. If we can get enough tomatoes and onions we'll make a huge batch that we can freeze in portions to use over the next month. I'll need to pop to the shops to get some pour and store bags, though!

BBQ Chicken Burgers

We really love the chicken burgers and  Flyfour and I decided that if we all went without the buns and instead had some steak cut chips and salad we would all be happy and would all keep within our personal calorie allowances!

Chicken and Salad

Basically, this is all I'm going to eat this week! I decided long ago that a roasted Chicken breast or grilled or dry fried or steamed or whatever with a huge salad is my favourite meal. This week whilst Flyfour has a few different meals that he loves/wants, I'm going to stick with the basics and hope that everything falls off me magically overnight.

Yeah, it's not going to work, is it?

So basically, that is what we are eating this week! What about you?