Dan Jon Funnies - Misheard Smiles

As many of you know, Dan Jon, Top Ender and I go to Church on a Sunday together. Flyfour is a different branch of Christianity to us three and although he sometimes joins us, he much prefers to worship in his own way and this means mostly on a Sunday, the children and I head off to Church and leave Flyfour at home.

Now, if I were Flyfour I would probably use the time to sleep or read, or surf the web, possibly have a nice long shower, but no. No, you see as well as Flyfour being a better me than I am, Flyfour is also one of those amazing people who does amazing things for others when he could be taking time out for himself.

Dan Jon being adorable just like his Daddy

Like instead of spending the four hours that the children and I are out for the benefit of himself, he spends the time doing the ironing, cooking a family meal and finding quotes for the quotes dolls or finding new ways for our home automation to help us.


One Sunday, Flyfour was pulling out the ironing board and setting it up when Dan Jon asked what he was doing.

I'm ironing, Flyfour replied.

Dan Jon stopped and smiled at Flyfour, grinning wider and wider until Flyfour raised an eyebrow in concern at the growing grin on Dan Jon's face.

What are you doing Dan Jon?
I'm Smiling like you Dad!
Smiling? I said Ironing!

Poor old Dan Jon!