What We Are Eating W/C 8th July 2017

This morning, whilst you are waking up in your nice warm beds, I'm waking up (if I ever went to bed that is) in a cold tent. So whilst you are enjoying your warm, comfortable bed just take a moment to think of me okay?

Dan Jon nice and warm in his Tent

Saturday - Chicken and Wedges

We do love our Saturday meals, we eat in the garden together with plenty of giggles and I'll do a brilliant pudding this week too. I just have no idea what it is just yet!

Anyone got any suggestions?

Sunday - Sausage Roast

We do have some apples in our fridge that means we could do a sticky apple with sausage and bacon Roast, but it all depends on how Flyfour is feeling on Sunday.

Monday - Mac and Cheese

We don't have anything on today, so we're going to have a leisurely evening with the children making Mac and Cheese from scratch.

Tuesday - Carb Free Picnic Bits

I've told Dan Jon he is going to have to cope with a carb free meal twice this week so I'm making today a good one, with some picnic bits. Little sausages (gluten free so also carb free!), crustless quiche, chicken wings and other forms of meat and I have some carb free puddings to include too!

Wednesday - Meatballs and Pasta

We really enjoyed this last week, I made a new sauce to go with it from tomatoes,  a stock cube and some vegetables and it was lush! As today is the day we're having the chaps come to do our Garden, I'm rather excited and so figure a quick meal this evening would be good!

Thursday - Omelette

I know that the children are going to kill me for having this tonight, but we need a carb free meal and so this is what I'm scheduling!

Friday - Afternoon Tea

We didn't get afternoon tea last week because Dan Jon and I were off at Year Four Camp! We did agree it was okay to put it off until today though, which is good as we hope that we will have a nice patio or deck or something to eat it on!

So that's what we're having this week, what about you?