Top Ender's Paper Craft Camp Site

I blogged the other day about the rules we have for Summer this year and thought I'd blog about the way that Top Ender has risen to the challenge, as I was rather surprised at how fantastic this craft was.

Top Ender in her Girl Guide uniform

One of the rules is that the children have to create something every day and on the second day, it was almost as if Top Ender decided to take it up a notch. Dan Jon Jr was in my room, sitting on my bed talking to me about a drawing he had made and I was impressed. Dan Jon had drawn a potato man on a moped, wearing a swiss cheese jacket and the level of detail was amazing.

And then in walked Top Ender.

I had heard Top Ender sitting at the desk in her room for the past twenty minutes or so, and I could hear snip and the occasional thud of a glue stick as Top Ender stuck whatever it was she was snipping.

When Top Ender had woken up she had decided to create a camp site diorama.

A paper craft Camp Site by Top Ender

I like to think that it was a combination of several things that helped Top Ender come up with this. I like to think that she was thinking about her upcoming camping trip with her Daddy, with the Youth at her Church and because she can't have a home camp this year as the new lawn just wouldn't cope with it, but she insists it was because she had a dream about it.

I've asked how she knew to make up the bits and pieces that make up the camp site and she giggled, apparently they were all simple shapes that she has seen in cartoons, and drawings and she knew with a tab t stick them to the floor she could make them look like they were free standing but most amusing was how she knew how to make the tree! Apparently, it was from when we have made 3D Christmas Cookies in the past and she just copied the idea of slotting two together!