What We Are Eating W/C 29th July

So we've had a proper week of Summer Holidays, so far we've not killed each other, we've created a lot, we've walked a lot, we've read, we've painted, danced, watered, jumped in sprinklers, gardened and had several adventures!

This coming week, Top Ender is at camp so Dan Jon and I will be adventuring on our own and having some fun!

Dan Jon's favourite ever adventure

Saturday - Lasagne

This is a huge favourite in our family and something we all really fancied this week! I'm not sure who will be making it yet, but I'm pretty certain the children should.

Sunday - Munch and Mingle

We love having a Munch and Mingle at Church, it's nice to spend extra time with people that we love and of course some of the people we go to Church with are like THE BEST cooks! I'm going to need to speak with Bishop about letting Mums go first or something...

Monday - BBQ Fish Burgers

Dan Jon and I are going to wait until Flyfour is home and have BBQ Fish Burgers together. We will BBQ fish steaks and some courgettes before putting them into buns with a sweet spicy mayo sauce and because Dan Jon is amenable, we'll have some sweet potato fries too.

Tuesday - Sausage and Egg Boats

I'm going to hollow out a bread roll, and fill the space I've made with eggs that I've scrambled and chopped cooked sausages and bake in the oven for twenty minutes or so and the eggs have set and then serve.

Dan Jon is going to love them!

Wednesday - Pull Apart Pizza Bread

This is something for Dan Jon and I to make together. We're going to cut some bread, but not the whole way through and then cover in butter and stuff the gaps with cheese and pepperoni and anything else we want to have on pizza and then bake it and sit together and pull it apart.

Thursday - Fish and Chips

Flyfour might be late home tonight, so Dan Jon and I are going to get Fish and Chips from the chip van that sometimes parks outside our house... If Flyfour is home, he can have some too and if not well I'm sure we'll have a bit of gluten free bread that he can chew on.

Friday - Pancakes

Dan Jon picked pancakes for our evening meal tonight. He wanted us to have syrup, cream and sprinkles as toppings, but I'm sure I'll be able to get some fresh fruit in there too!

So that's what we're having this week, what are you having?