What We Are Eating W/C 22nd July


So the Summer holidays have officially started here at A Mother's Ramblings and we could not be happier. Six weeks (it is six weeks right?) of not much going on, of the children eating me out of house and home and hopefully, six weeks of us enjoying time together!

With that in mind, other than the weekend meals the rest aren't planned... just sort of in the back of our mind so we can have a week of using up the odds and ends we have here!

Top Ender and Dan Jon Jr against a brick wall

Saturday - Chicken Wings and Tray Bake

Our now traditional Saturday meal of wings and a tray bake made up of veg, potatoes, sweet potatoes and normally some onion is one of my favourite things to eat because it's so quick and easy!

Sunday - Roast

We either have Chicken or Chicken. I wonder what it will be.

Monday -Friday

So we have the following meals available to us and other combinations of the same ingredients, that I haven't yet thought of but probably will at some point this next week or two!

Tuna Pasta

Tomato Pasta

Mac and Cheese

Toasted Cheese Sandwiches

Spicy Pumpkin Soup

Home made Carrot Soup

Hot Dog Toasties


Fish Fingers


Veggie stuffed rice

Ponyo Noodles

Gammon Pasta

Beans on Toast

So there you go, a week of attempting to use up what is in the cupboard and freezer, but I bet it doesn't happen and we have the same meals planned for the week after too!!!

What are you eating this week? Are you planning on clearing out the freezer too? Let me know in the comments because I'm dead nosey!