Flyfour's Day Off

Okay, Please be warned! This post is the kind of sickening lovey-dovey post that drives some people crazy. Read on at your own peril! 

Over the last few weeks, it's been all go during the weekends at our house as we've been redecorating the children's rooms, preparing for the new doors, the new roof and the garden landscaping etc. Flyfour has pretty much worked non stop from the moment he steps inside the door on a Friday evening until the moment he steps back out the door on a Monday morning.

This past weekend Flyfour scheduled a much needed day off.

Pip and Nut aka Pippa and Flyfour (look at the peanut butter name!)

There was no decorating that needed to be done, there was no furniture that needed moving, there were no workmen coming...

And yet.

On Saturday morning, Flyfour got up early to go to see the Kitchen Designer with me, and despite having already picked out which door fronts, handles, worktop, flooring and wall tile we wanted we had to do that all over again. We then went to the tip, as I had a boot load of rubbish from my Mums house and then we went to Curry's to see about replacing our Vacuum Cleaner which blew up this week!

After that was finished we drove to my Mums and removed her broken oven from her flat. Do you know how hard it is to carry an oven down a flight of stairs? Actually, it wasn't that hard, but don't tell anyone that!

We then took the broken oven to the tip in the town my Mum lives in (Leighton Buzzard) and Flyfour didn't yell at me once, even with my really bad directions of how to get to the tip. (To be fair, I've not lived in the town for sixteen years, so the fact I even remembered the vaguest location of the tip is a win for me!).

When we got home (via Tesco as we'd run out of Gluten Free Bread) Flyfour made the four of us a lunch of Beans on Toast, He did the dishes from lunch, and throughout the course of the day he has put on just as many loads of washing as I have (about three each),

Flyfour looking all handsome

Then seeing as we both had more chores to do and there was no point in taking two cars, he took me to the supermarket, went back to the tip (a mattress this time and a couple of boxes I'd forgotten to load with the bits from my Mum's house), he went to Maplins to buy batteries, picked me up from the supermarket, and along with the children helped me put the shopping away.

Flyfour also had a right giggle with Dan Jon Jr and I over our new doorbell, first of all playing the different chimes we could have, fitted the new doorbell and created a playlist of music for us to listen to on Alexa after buying a four-month trial of Amazon Prime Music.

He then double checked my measurements of a gap in Dan Jon's bedroom, ordered a wardrobe to fit in the gap and put our evening meal on to cook so it would be ready at a decent time, rather than putting it on when we got hungry and everyone having to wait for a further hour.

On top of all of this Flyfour has listened to my problems, my ideas and answered my questions. He has dealt with his own work issues, talked to me about some tech ideas for the house, spoke with the neighbours and then went and mowed the lawn!

My husband is honest, hardworking, humble, supportive and I could not be more loved.

I am so grateful that this man is my husband and my best friend. I don't know what good I did to deserve him (or what bad he did to deserve me!) but I thank my Heavenly Father every day and night for him.

I had previously put this on Facebook, but as Flyfour "doesn't do" Facebook, I figured I needed to put it here so he'd read this and know that his hard work and effort is noticed and very, very, very much appreciated.