Giant Teddies and Happiness!

When I was organising the car boot for the Youth of my local Church, someone very kindly donated three MASSIVE Teddies. I happen to know that the monkey cost £60 to buy brand new and the Youth totally wanted to buy them to keep, but I managed to persuade them all that they didn't need huge Teddies to be happy, and also that their parents would never forgive me for letting them buy them because nobody has that much room in their house that a giant teddy wouldn't take up too much room!

Sad Giant Teddies

The Teddies were visibly upset about what was happening to them. I mean look at them, they look so disheartened! Luckily I'd seen that three-part documentary about Toys, you know the one about what Toys get up to when you aren't around (Toy Story or something like that I think it is called) and was able to explain to the three guys that they were simply off on a new adventure.

I wasn't sure they believed me, but having put them up for sale on a local sale site, I wasn't surprised when we were quite quickly contacted and asked if they were still available. I was so pleased that they were going to go to a new home, that I bundled them into my car and got my husband to drive them to the ladies house with me.

Happy Giant Teddies and PippaD

As you can see those bears were really excited about their new home (seriously you can see they are way happier in this second picture can't you?) and I was pleased to not have them sitting in my den any longer!