What We're Eating W/C 11th August 2018

Another week where I'm sure that I blinked and missed half of it! The meal plans for this week are quite simple, mainly because on Monday we're dragging Top Ender kicking and screaming to FSY, which is a Church Camp and she'll love once she gets there... it's just she has to remember to not let her fears and anxiety get in the way of her having a great time!

GREAT graffiti

Saturday - Baked Sloppy Joe

We haven't had this for AGES and it is one of our favourites, so I'm sure it will be met with a lot of grins from the family! I might attempt to make two because I know that after we've eaten one, we always ask if there is more!

Sunday - Sunday Roast

It's Sunday, we have a Roast!

Monday - Beans on Toast

Now, you might be thinking, Top Ender is at camp and all of a sudden they are on rations. It's not true however, it's just that Dan Jon and Flyfour love it, so I'll have Spaghetti hoops and won't have to share with Top Ender!

Tuesday - Fish and Chips

We're cheating tonight, and having it from the Chip Van that comes round. Poor old Flyfour will miss out, however, so I'll get some of his favourite Gluten Free Chicken things so he doesn't feel too bad!

Wednesday - Sausage Sandwiches

You have to love a Sausage Sandwich!

Thursday - Pasta and Sauce

I'm not sure if it will be a tomato sauce or if I will make a cheese sauce or what, but I do know that it will be gluten-free and veggie!

Friday - Burgers

Top Ender isn't back tonight, we were going to have Chicken and Parmentier Potatoes because it is her favourite, but I thought it might make us miss her too much, so we'll have that tomorrow night and tonight we'll have Burgers as they are one of Dan Jon's favourites.