What We're Eating W/C 4th August 2018

I swear it can't be Saturday already, but it is. Here is what we are eating this week and a little look into what goes on during our week too!

Saturday - BBQ Chicken and Salad

I have a lot of Salad in the fridge that needs to be eaten and I figure if I sprinkle it with lots of BBQ Chicken the rest of the family won't complain!

Chicken and Salad

Sunday - Roast

We can't not have a roast this week, we missed it too much last week, even though we very much enjoyed the munch and mingle. I quite fancy a glazed ham this week... anyone any other suggestions?

Monday - Special Prawn Pasta

Not sure why it is so special, it's what the BBC Good Food called it. We won't use wine though, as I don't have any... I'll use something instead!

Tuesday - Pizza

We do love a good pizza in this house and it's fast to cook, which is good when you need to rush out to Youth at Church, because despite being home all day you've forgotten to cook an evening meal...

Wednesday - Chicken Pasta

I'm not afraid to say it, Pasta is cheap and filling, as is the Chicken and other things I add to the mix. Generally frozen veg and tomatoes!

The really good news about this Pasta, is that I know everyone loves it.

Thursday and Friday - Sausage Pie

Dan Jon and Flyfour are off on their camping trip, so Top Ender and I are eating SAUSAGE PIE because it is honestly the best thing ever. Were making a HUGE one, with the plan that we won't eat it all on Thursday and we'll eat it on Friday too.

Sausage Pie!

Just in case, I have some store cupboard ingredients to knock up a quick meal with if we need it!

So that's what we are eating this week. How about you?