The Accidental Extra Shopping

Since having become the Young Women's President for my ward my life has got busy. Like super busy.

Hear me when I say this, I am not complaining.

PippaD, Flyfour, Top Ender and Dan Jon at Church

I love that I get to hang out with the Young Women and I love that I get to do so many things with them. It's just that I'm trying to keep all my old promises that I made to my family and myself, all whilst working in my calling and of course, it's now the Summer holidays which means I have two mini me's wanting me to feed them every day and I still need to do things like, clean, study and I don't know whatever else it is that I fill my days with!

A few months ago I came up with a brilliant idea that we could have a BBQ for my Mother In Laws birthday, the Saturday before her actual birthday. It was a free Saturday when we organised it.

We had nothing planned.

And then I got to take over as the Young Women's President and I was suddenly in charge of running a fundraiser that particular Saturday morning... and because my husband is fantastic he was also roped into helping out. And of course, Top Ender as a young woman and Dan Jon because you can't let a ten-year-old stay at home when you're out at Six in the morning to set up a Car Boot with the rest of the family.

It was going to be a busy weekend, so I decided to organise for my shopping to be picked for me at Tesco and picking the free option of collecting it Thursday night, yup I'm cheap. The order had everything we needed for the Birthday BBQ, for our meals and lunches the following week and of course a couple of treats for Flyfour and I.

The collection was a breeze, I had a little joke with the member of staff, we were British and talked about the weather and our weekend plans. It wasn't until I got home, as I was unpacking the shopping (I'd cheated and paid for it to be bagged for me, please don't tell Dan Jon, he'll kill me for not being green) that I realised that some of my items were missing... and there were some items that I hadn't ordered but they were in my shopping.

So I called Tesco, and they eventually got it all sorted out. Despite the store I picked up from not answering their phone and the poor lady at the call centre (who was fab) having to call me back a couple of times to let me know she hadn't forgotten about me.

Sure, I had to go the next day to pick up the bits that were missing, but I got to keep the extra's that they had accidentally placed in my order and they gave me £5 on my account, I got to chat with a really lovely lady on the phone and I got somebody's shopping to try... it was like a lucky Grocery dip!

The only real problem is that now my family really like dairy-free cheese, yoghurt and are expecting every salad I make in the future to contain Radishes!