The London Temple Trip

A few weeks ago, Top Ender and I headed down to the London Temple with the Youth from our ward. It was a really lovely day, on the way down the two young women and two young men I was in charge of, entertained us all with conversations that ranged from one obscure subject to another via stories of school friends, events they were looking forward to over the summer and of course how good it would be to finally get out of my car to stretch our legs.

The England London LDS Temple

When we got to the Temple, we took some photographs of one of the young women as it was her first time attending and it is a tradition that you take a photo like the one below of Top Ender and then we sat down to eat a picnic lunch.

Top Ender at the England London LDS Temple

At the appointed time, we gathered together with other members of our ward who had travelled down to the Temple and went inside, where the youth performed some ordinances and afterwards we gathered together as a ward under the shade of a large tree and shared sandwiches, cookies, crisps and bottles of water together.

Whilst we were there, Top Ender and I agreed that during the upcoming Summer Holidays, during the time Dan Jon and Flyfour were away camping, we would head down to the Temple again to spend time in the grounds and hang out together. A sort of Mummy, Daughter adventure day.

We drove down, setting off just after Flyfour and Dan Jon left on their adventure. We forgot to buy petrol, we sang along to the music we had chosen, we realised as the rain started pouring down that we'd forgotten to bring coats and we split a sandwich whilst sitting in a queue on the M25.

Despite the rain, the Temple looked awesome and the grounds are just as beautiful in the rain as in the sunshine. Hopefully, if you look past our grins, you'll get some idea of the peacefulness you get just being there.

PippaD and Top Ender at the London LDS Temple in the Rain

Top Ender and I didn't go into the Temple this time. We did have our recommends with us just in case they were needed, but as expected, they weren't!

We did visit the Distribution Centre, where we stocked up on a few items the young women would need in the upcoming months (new Beehives, means a need for Personal Progress items) and some bits and pieces that we wanted (artwork, new scripture marking pencils and a new CTR ring for Dan Jon to show we were thinking of him) before heading to Lakeside Shopping Centre.

Top Ender in the Rain at the London LDS Temple Distribution Centre

Now, I apologise, if you are friends with, or follow, me on Facebook as you will have seen this little video below, but it is a very useful video to explain why Temples are so important to us as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and I love animated videos!

Top Ender and I had a great time and can't wait to go again, hopefully in just a few weeks.