What We Are Eating W/C 25th August 2018

FOUR MONTHS TODAY WILL BE CHRISTMAS DAY! Oh my goodness, that has sneaked up on us, right? Flyfour and I, when on a "Pippa forgot to get on the weekly shop" trip, saw that Tesco is already stocking tins of Christmas sweets (Yes, we did buy one) so I'm officially starting stocking up on Christmas goodies this week!

Christmas Jumper Biscuit

Yes, I'm a tiny bit excited.

Saturday - Sausages and Mash

Dan Jon loves Sausages and Mash, so we're having that this evening. I'm going to make some yummy onion gravy and if Dan Jon has stable enough blood sugars, then we're going to have it in a giant Yorkshire Pudding because who doesn't love Giant Yorkshire Puddings?!

Sunday - Casserole

Dan Jon and I are on our own again today, but Flyfour and Tops should be coming home. We've decided that we are going to make a Casserole with Dumplings for our evening meal when they get in. We're going to use the recipe in my Organic Casserole post because as we have found out Organic ingredients are always better for you, taste better and well they are just so easy to source these days.

Monday - Roast

Top Ender and Dan Jon are going to hate me. I'm getting the entire family up this morning at almost "School" time. Top Ender may be going to early morning Seminary in just a couple of weeks, so we're having to get used to extra early mornings!

Tuesday - Pasta and Cheesy Sauce

I love Pasta and Sauce because it is just so easy to cook, make and eat!

Wednesday - Honey Mustard Chicken and Mash

I thought chicken and mash was boring but with the addition of a Honey Mustard Sauce, it just makes it a bit more exciting. We'll add carrots as our veg and

Thursday - Cauliflower Cheese with Bacon

I'm not the only one that fancies this am I? Well even if I am the family will love it and we'll stuff ourselves silly!

Friday - Freezer Clear Out

I'm clearing out the freezer, everything that is opened or has been sitting in there for a while is being taken out. cooked and served. This may mean that we're having a weird combo of food, but nobody cares if there are onion rings!

So what are you eating this week? Anything good that I should be coming to yours for?