2019 Word of the Year

I thought long and hard about what my word of the year, for 2019 would be. 

There is so much that I want to accomplish this year coming. I want to lose weight (don't I always!), I want to continue spending more time with my family, I want to be a better wife and mother, a better friend. I want to feed my family healthy nutritious food, I want to continue learning, I want to do my Bible study and read more and just... there's a lot.

And so I came up with a word. and then after having come up with a word, I spent ages, looking for the perfect font to display that word. As it'll live on my Wardrobe door for the next twelve months.

Balance, my word for 2019
Just in case you can't read the font, it says Balance.
I think that Balance explains a lot about how I hope to be and I think the font will remind me what my focus is, and Flyfour seems to like it for some reason... no idea why he likes it so much.

I hope to be able to Balance my life so that I clean and relax and declutter and spend time with my friends and family and study and be a Governor and volunteer and learn new skills and craft and be present.

I hope to see a better balance on my scales, one that doesn't mean I am overweight, well as overweight, I don't expect to fix this in a year!

I hope to see a positive balance in my bank account, which might mean I get a job, or find a side hustle or that this here blog accepts a few more adverts, sponsored posts or sees more traffic!

I hope to have a balanced diet, to have a balanced home life, a balanced education, a balanced style, a balance everything.

I want to be Balanced.

So, there you go. My word of the year.