Main Meals W/C 24th December 2018


As Flyfour is home for the next week or so, I won't be detailing what we'll be having for lunch or breakfast each day, as Flyfour and I are terrible when it comes to making a choice together. If I say we're having X, he'll make something else just because he forgot what we were supposed to be having! I have a mix of things on hand so we can pick different things each day so it will be a mix of Cereal, Hash Browns and knowing my family leftovers.

So here is what we are eating aka my Shopping List!

The A Mother's Ramblings Family with Santa

Christmas Eve! - Toasties and Party Leftovers
Christmas Day! - Roast Turkey with all the Trimmings and enough to feed an army
Boxing Day - Ham with leftover Trimmings
Thursday - Pasta Bake using Leftovers!
Friday - Sandwiches
Saturday - Fish and Chips
Sunday - Chicken and Broccoli Pie (using my friend's secret recipe!)

And then everything is going to go swimmingly right into New Year's Eve right? What are you having this week?