Main Meals W/C 31st December 2018

Did you have a marvellous Christmas? We did!

I know I've already told you all this, but you might have been busy and missed my posts about what we have been up to! As always, every day we spend with each other is amazing. Our family have such a giggle together and even better, we push each other to do better each day.

Make 2019 a year to remember

With that in mind, here is what we are eating this week, minus breakfast and lunches because I've got back in the habit of not detailing!

New Years Eve - Slow Cooker Kebab
New Years Day - Family Time Home Made Pizza
Wednesday - Soup and Toasties
Thursday - Top Ender decides as it's her BIRTHDAY!
Friday - Chinese (because we didn't have it on Christmas Eve)
Saturday - Jacket Potatoes
Sunday - Sticky Sausage Roast

We are super excited for this last week before the Children go back to school, we have a few extra adventures planned and a couple of new routines that we want to try out before we have School to add to the mix.

So, what are you eating and up to this week?