What We Are Eating W/C 10th December 2018

This last week has gone so fast! There are just two weeks before the end of school and Seminary around here, (it's a late break up right?) and we are now in full swing of rehearsals, Christmas Concerts, Christmas Movie Watching, Elves being cheeky (whilst not sitting on any shelves) and of course I have relented and have broken open the Christmas treats... Anyhoo, here is the plan for this week's meals with a little bit of missed (mainly by me, occasionally by you) chat too!

Light the World


This week Breakfast is as always in our home, hot and served at about 7:30 am unless of course, it's a Monday where we eat at 6 am and Dan Jon gets to eat in bed! So unfair...

Monday - Pastries
Tuesday - Sausage and Egg Wraps
Wednesday - Hash Browns and Egg
Thursday - Bacon Twists
Friday - Puff Pastry Breakfast Thingys
Saturday and Sunday - Fend for yourself


Dan Jon has a School trip this Friday, and so instead of his favourite Fish and Chips from the School Kitchen, he's having a boring Sandwich. Luckily, I know his favourite fillings so hopefully, he won't be too disappointed with what he finds in his lunch bag.

Monday - Sandwiches
Tuesday - Sausage Rolls
Wednesday - School Lunch
Thursday - Hot Chicken Wrap
Friday - School Trip - Sandwiches
Saturday - Left-over Pizza
Sunday - Cold Meats Picnic

Evening Meals

This week the children and I are fending for ourselves a couple of nights, as Flyfour is out. Almost all of our after School Clubs have finished for the Christmas Break, with Mutual on a Tuesday night (a Youth club of sorts for 12-18-year-olds) still going ahead as that is what the stakeholders (the youth) wanted! Luckily the nights that Flyfour is out, are the two nights that we do have something on, that we need something quick to eat on, so full of gluten it is!

Monday - Spaghetti and Garlic Mushroom Tomato Sauce
Tuesday - Flyfour out late - Toasties!
Wednesday - PANTO - Sandwiches and Press Nibbles!
Thursday - Flyfour out late - Toasties!
Friday - Pizza
Saturday - To be decided (as we may be out!)
Sunday - Christmas Carol Concert - Shepherd's Pie

And so, this is what is happening this week. It's all rather exciting, hopefully, tasty and 100% tiring!