A Very Merry Christmas

It has become a favourite tradition of mine, that whilst the rest of the family sleep on Christmas Morning, I get to come downstairs and sit in the light of the Christmas Tree, thinking about the birth of our Saviour, those whom I love and have died and how lucky I am to have a wonderful bunch of friends and family.

This year as I eased my way down the stairs, I was feeling sorry for myself. Sciatica was giving me some rather horrid pain in my back and down my left leg meaning sitting, standing and even laying down was hard! I didn't want to ruin Christmas for the family, by being a grumpy crying mess so I knew my traditional prayer in front of the Christmas tree was more than needed. I also knew I wouldn't be able to sit as normal, so I paced around the living room, praying not just for relief from the pain, but giving thanks for my friends and family and for the birth of Christ. I sang a couple of my favourite hymns, before getting Alexa to play a special Spotify Playlist and pacing some more.

The Christmas Tree on Christmas Morning

By the time Flyfour came downstairs (and put breakfast on to cook) I was in a much happier and thankful place.

Flyfour is the perfect example of why I am so thankful. I must have done something truly great to get a husband as fantastic as him. He has been looking after me whilst I've been unable to stand up or sit down or lay down or do anything other than feel sorry for myself.

He surprised us Christmas Day evening with a special Santa gift, cooked all the meals we've eaten, tidied up after us, watched rubbish TV programmes that everyone else (mainly me) have wanted to watch even when he hasn't fancied it and ensured we have watched all the programmes we highlighted in the Radio Times!

Marking Up the Radio Times Christmas 2018

Then there are the children who have been absolute angels. Well, not angels... they've been children. Perfectly normally behaved children, who have also been wanting to ensure that Christmas Traditions have been upheld, that everyone we love has been included, is happy, is not lonely.

Dan Jon passed out the Christmas gifts on Christmas Day from under the tree, making sure that everyone had one before opening his own. Top Ender ensured everyone had drinks and kept me company when picking up and taking home my Mum. They both said "Thank you" and "Please" and Dan Jon even made me a bag of snacks at my FIL's as his wife makes the best snacks and gives us bags to take extras home with us.

Both the children have taught me how to use the new Nintendo Switch, have let me borrow their books to read (I only got one this Christmas and they got some really good ones!), and have generally just been the brilliant children that I know them to be.

My friends have been texting me, to ensure that I'm in good spirits despite the pain, even though they have plenty going on themselves. They have been sending me pictures of their gifts from me being used or being opened, or gifts they've received from others that they think I'll get a kick out of.

It has been a very merry Christmas, and I hope yours has been too.