All Meals W/C 17th December 2018

IT'S NEARLY CHRISTMAS! I am not the only one super excited right? We've been to a Christmas party with some proper grown-up friends (I do love proper grown-up friends!), by the time this is published, we will have been to two of our three Christmas Concerts and hopefully, Flyfour will have had a rather lovely surprise.

For breakfast this week, we're having hot breakfasts because it is sooooo cold and every morning is getting to be a struggle to get up and get going. The smell of a cooked breakfast wafting up the stairs, however, is rather tempting to get a move on!

Hot Chocolate always smells good!


Monday - Waffles
Tuesday - Sausage Wraps
Wednesday - Egg and Bacon with Toast
Thursday - Bean Pies
Friday - Sausage Hash
Saturday and Sunday - Fend for yourselves


Monday - School Meal
Tuesday - Quiche and Pigs in Blankets
Wednesday - School Meal (Christmas Lunch!)
Thursday - Picnic style
Friday - School Meal AND LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!
Saturday - Home Made Bacon Puffs and Beans
Sunday - Pork with Apple Sauce and Cheese

Evening Meals

Monday - Chicken and Rice with Salad
Tuesday - Toasties with Soup
Wednesday - Freezer Leftovers!
Thursday - Lasagne
Friday - Tacos
Saturday - Picnic Supper
Sunday - Chicken Wings and Salad

So, that's what we are eating this week. I'm so excited!