A Low Maintenance Garden

One thing that I've realised with all my gardening over the last ten weeks or so (it was a complete coincidence that lockdown started about then too, we were planning on doing the garden this Spring and Summer!) is that it's one of the most grown-up things that I do. Whilst I may want to colour the inside of my home like a children's paintbox with bright colours and funky shapes, the garden sees a more mature Pippa emerge.

I'm going to blame my Nan for this grown-up taste, after all it was at her feet that I learnt how to care for plants, what seems like a bazillion plant names and even had gifted to me my favourite and nicest stoneware plant pots. What I don't know, or more likely don't remember, is easily fixed with a quick google, which why I was found researching Lavender a few days back and checking if it was a low maintenance plant or not.

researching Lavender on the laptop in the garden

Our front garden, was looking a little, well I'll be honest it was looking a little neglected and after the effort, Flyfour and I had put in to make it easier to manage I realised I needed it to be easier still. Hence the research into Lavender.

Flyfour was very supportive in my new plan, and even came with me to the Garden Centre to buy some potting compost the Lavender plants and other bits that caught my eye (Oooh! Marigolds! Oooh! What a cute pink bedding plant! Ooooh! Cheap Bulbs!) and not once did he moan about the price, actually encouraging me at one point to buy something a little more established and therefore expensive!

I spent the afternoon planting up the containers and got Flyfour to move them (I've hurt my back from lifting the pots, so wasn't going to make that mistake twice in three days!) back to the front garden, where a few minutes later we'd placed them where we wanted them and made a few minor adjustments to spacing and making sure they were flat (despite the garden being on a slope).

Once more the front garden looks respectable and maybe this time it'll stay that way.

Respectable Lavender plants in containers in the front Garden