Walking To Work

When I got my Receptionist job at the local secondary school, part of my plan was that I would walk to work. The school is just under a mile away if you use the shortcuts and well, it's the healthy option isn't it? Not just for me, but for the environment and my wallet!

That isn't the way it worked out however.

No, come my first day I drove. And my second. And third and fourth and fifth and before I knew it I was giving the children a lift to school every day and whilst Dan Jon walked home every night, I was also giving lifts home to Top Ender for the majority of the week.

Top Ender and Dan Jon on the School Run

Of course, this wasn't really that bad as we do things such as Rainbows and Brownies after school and would need to be there as quickly as possible and of course, it was very quickly Autumn so the weather had turned wet and cold and the evenings were dark and there was no way that I was going to be trudging to school in the wet and cold, especially when I had to be there for 8am.

No, walking to school was a Spring and Summer thing, when the sun shone and the weather was warm.

But then the lockdown happened and I was only working a couple of days a week and I wanted to get there and back as quickly as possible.

This last week, I decided that I was going to walk to work. Partly because my back was sore and a good walk loosens it up, partly because my tyres probably need replacing and partly because of all the reasons I mentioned before; It's good for me, the environment and my wallet. I also realised that the weather is beautiful at the moment, meaning that walking to school in the sunshine is a pleasure.

So I've managed it every day this week (or at least if I do it today I will have!) and I'm feeling much better for it. Hitting my 10,000 steps on my way home each day and knowing that I'm doing something good for my health is helping me enter smug mode a little more easily each evening.

Heavens if I keep feeling this good about it, I'll be walking even in the rain before I know it!