Main Meals W/C 13th June 2020

Our meals this week were written whilst I was sitting in the garden, in my PJ's waiting for the rest of the family to wake up. Luckily Flyfour was awake first so I had someone to run some ideas past! We're planning on the children cooking a lot more, just because it gives them good life skills not because I'm giving up cooking for everyone or getting super lazy in my old age!

Anyway, here's what we're planning on eating.

Gluten-Free Fish and Chips

Saturday - Meatloaf

We didn't get to this last night, we had to move some bits around and decided that we'd move it to today and Top Ender would cook it with me so that she'd be building her skills up. I thought we'd make it a little special with bacon, wrapped across the top as that will make this Top Ender's version, a little special and hopefully everyone will enjoy it all the more with a BBA Maple Glaze/sauce.

Sunday - Fish and Chips or Bacon Wrapped Haddock

I love my family, they are rather wonderful but they are always reluctant to eat fish because they are pains in the butt. Anyway, I figured I'll offer them two different ways of eating their meal today and that way they'd feel like they were having a choice and be happier about it.

Apart from Flyfour of course who will have read this and know about my trickery!

Monday - Ploughman's

I really fancied this for lunch on Saturday but decided that we'd have to go to the Supermarket to get everything and I couldn't be bothered to go shopping before lunch, so I decided to have it on Monday evening instead. I thought I'd pick up some Baguettes or nice rolls and combine that with meats, cheese, pickles, salad and maybe some desserts.

Tuesday - Stuffed Pittas

We had some really lovely chicken thighs the other night and we wanted to have them again, but we also wanted to make the whole meal a little less chicken-based and a little more veggie-based. So I thought of chopped chicken thighs with Salad stuffed into pittas.

I'll side it with a little salad (yes I know it's already in the Pitta) to make it more filling and also to encourage my lovely daughter and husband to eat some more vegetables!

Wednesday - Spaghetti Carbonara

I thought I'd get Top Ender to cook tonight, a quick and easy Carbonara by cheating and using cream cheese instead of cream and eggs. I know she won't want to use mushrooms, but I'll get her to sweat some onions with the bacon and garlic and add plenty of black pepper to the dish!

Thursday - Sausages with Butternut Squash

I really want to roast some Sausages with Butternut Squash and some other vegetables. I'll get Dan Jon to make this and help him out by "cheating" with prepared frozen veggies, that he just needs to put in the Roasting Tin, with the sausages drizzle with oil and honey and roast in the oven.

Friday - BBQ Chicken Burgers

We haven't had this in ages which is a shame because as I remember they are lush, easy to make and it's the one meat that everyone eats in our family without complaint. We serve the chicken in soft rolls and well, I know that we always want another one after we finish, so I'll make double just in case!

So that's what we're planning on eating this week. How about you?