The Life Skill Of Baking

Over the last few weeks, Top Ender has taken an interest in baking. It started off that she was baking with Flyfour and then she started wanting to bake on her own and we let her because she had so little to do during the lockdown that would stretch her, seeing as how her GCSE's were cancelled and all she really has to do is watch a few films and read a few books in preparation for her A-Levels, that we figured learning some life skills was a good thing!

The problem is, well it turns out she's rather good.

A Gluten-free, dairy-free S'Mores Cupcake.

Like, really rather good.

I mean, I thought I was good at baking and I thought Flyfour was good at baking, but somehow Top Ender is making Vegan (because of her milk allergy and Flyfour having reactions to eggs) and Gluten-free (Flyfour) baked goods and they are AMAZING.

And even when she isn't baking gluten and dairy-free, for example, the Brownies she made for the staff at school (Yes, I know I'm a staff member at her school but they weren't just for me!) the treats are still delicious.

In the words of Joe Exotic, I am never gonna financially recover from this. Top Ender is going to be baking so much she is going to want more ingredients and equipment and then better quality ingredients and better quality equipment and on top of this we might as well just throw away our scales now as weight gain is inevitable isn't it!


  1. Baking skills are definitely a life lesson and a good skill to have xx


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