What We Are Eating W/C 27th June 2020

The last week has gone so fast, I'm sure that I just blinked and it was the weekend again. Still, I've spent most of Saturday doing nothing (which was exactly what I wanted to do!) and will have a very Spiritual Sunday (again, it's what I'm wanting to do!) and plan on sitting in the garden eating marshmallows if the weather allows, so hopefully this next week will at least not be over before I blink!

Roasting Marshmallows

Anyway, it's now late and I need to write this quickly so excuse the no chat today!

Saturday - Whatever we have at home!
Sunday - Something from Costco (Flyfour is in charge!)
Monday - Poor Man's Pasta
Tuesday - Dirty Wedges
Wednesday - Soup and Rolls
Thursday - Sausage Pie
Friday - Meatballs and Mash

So there we go, meals for the week, that the children will eat, are fairly quick to do and won't mean I'm craving a takeaway like I have all of this week!