Main Meals W/C 20th June 2020

Oh, what a week. I am in such a joyous mood that I think I may spontaneously burst because I can't contain the joy. Honestly, I look like a quokka! I think in part it is because I've had a fabulous week at work with some staff that I haven't seen for a while, partly because I was so incredibly cheeky at work this week and partly because there is SUNSHINE COMING.

Here's what we're eating this week!

Sun is shining on my shoes!

Saturday -  Chicken and Chips

I think Flyfour has been driving past a lot of KFC's recently and is feeling sad because they don't do a gluten-free option yet (Come on KFC), so when I sort of demanded that someone tell me what they wanted to eat this week, he came up with Chicken and Chips (much more helpful than the suggestion of FOOD from Dan Jon) and Curry.

Sunday - Steamed Chicken Curry 

As it is Father's Day and Flyfour loves a Curry we thought we'd have one today. One of our most favourite ways to make curry is in the steamer we have, although we haven't done it in a while, so I thought we'd do that today. Hopefully, Flyfour remembers how to make it!

Monday - Lemon and Garlic Spaghetti

I wanted to have a roasted cauliflower salad tonight, but Flyfour said that was taking things too far. So I figured something simple and easy and quick to throw together would be better as Flyfour will be making his own as I'm going to pretend to be in a grump and enjoy the sunny weather!

Tuesday - Chicken Kebabs

We had these for lunch at work the other day, chicken along with some onion and peppers and they were so nice that I thought we'd have them at home this week. I had the ones at work with a little Vegetable Rice, which I'll probably do here too, along with some salad.

Wednesday - BBQ!

We're having Sausages on a BBQ again tonight. I'll part cook them in the oven to start with and finish them off on the BBQ. No doubt we'll finish the meal with S'mores or some grilled fruit or something equally as yummy.

Thursday - Homemade Fishcakes

I kept trying to think about what we could have for dinner and decided that Fishcakes was what I wanted so we'd have them tonight as Flyfour is going to be late home and won't want them so if they turned out bad he wouldn't complain!

Friday - Sandwiches or something

We went shopping before I had finished the meal plan and so I had no clue what to buy and Flyfour was no help at all in the Supermarket, so I decided to risk not buying anything and living off whatever is in the cupboards or fridge. I'll have chips at work for lunch, so I'll be okay and the rest of the house can starve!

So, that's what we're eating this week. How about you!?