Future Video Blogging Ideas Required!

A Still from Christmas Memories Video Blog
So as you may have seen yesterday I did a video blog about a few of my Christmas Memories. It's something that I have been playing around with on my private blog (private as its more a diary for me) for about a year and I figured that it might be a nice change to do it over here too. I was originally planning to start in the New Year (along with a couple of new weekly features), but I just couldn't wait that long!

So, I hope that you enjoyed it, and if you didn't see it yet go now I will wait until you are back. Look here is a link to it and everything! If you did watch it already you can go read an old post like this one or this one if you want.

Are you back now? Good.

Back in August I was reading The Stiletto Mom and this post in particular where she asked for help. She wanted some questions to answer and a few days later she answered my very silly question with a very funny story about BBQ Bill, plus after she had realised that I was slightly odd I think she was trying to point out to me ever so subtly that I wasn't invited to her house for dinner anytime soon.

Now I have a lot of ideas that I can ramble on about for ten minutes, but do you have anything that you want to know about me or my views on or just a silly question?

Let me know!