The last Saturday before Christmas

The last Saturday before Christmas is spent by hundreds of people buying gifts at the last minute, but that isn't how we spent ours. I spent a lot of today reflecting on the past year because tomorrow it is Baby Cousins First Birthday and we get to celebrate with her and our family. There is an unwritten rule in our family that first birthdays are celebrated at my Mums and so that's where we will be.

Today we had a family day, we went and did the big Christmas food shop together and then mainly because of the snow in our area we stayed in and played or in my case wrapped gifts! It was really lovely because spending time together isn't something we get to do a lot of as a family with our conflicting work schedules!

This week with Top Ender being on Christmas break we are going to try and cram as much as possible in before the big day . I have so much planned for us to do that I think Top Ender will be quite pleased to get back to school! So I had better go now to get some sleep... And to watch the end of Love Actually so I can dream of Alan Rickman tonight!

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