Santa Claus has been talking to me!

Something that I love doing at this time of year is taking Top Ender and Baby Boy to see Santa. We see him a few times during the season, when the Rotary Club bring Santa down our road, or we go on a Santa hunt, or when we go to have breakfast with Santa or when Santa turns the lights on, or when we go to see Santa in his Grotto at the City Centre... okay I admit it I go a little Santa crazy at this time of year!

The only other times that we see Santa is when we arrange for him to send a message to Baby Boy and Top Ender, which we normally do through SantaVision which you can find on Sky channel 200 and I shall let you in on a little secret, the naughty list is only naughty until the night before a very special day, so if someone in your life needs a little help to be good this year...

Santa spends some time talking about you and what you would like for Christmas and even mentions the colour of your front door! It can be addictive watching Santa Vision, you will find yourself turning it on even after you have heard Santa's message to you just to see your name on the screen (Just me? Are you sure?) as the list scrolls round.

This year Baby Boy and Top Ender both got emails on the 1st December from a very special person. Santa Claus sent them both a video message courtesy of his Portable North Pole Console. Baby Boy has spent the time since he watched his message from Santa asking to watch it again and again and again.

The video is personalised as Santa says your child's name, mentions where you live (country), talks about your child, what they have been doing and what they would like for Christmas. He then opens his big book containing his naughty and nice list, which has a photo in, and personal details!

I was really impressed with the video and will admit that I went and requested one for myself! Just like the time a Techie at work sent me an email from God, (long story short, he was being very sweet) it gave me a little thrill to know that this was a message just for me!

So if you want to give someone a thrill this year pop along to either of these two websites and fill in the details! And just so everyone is 100% sure I wasn't paid to look at either of these services, I just thought I would pass the details on!