Its time to Celebrate! - Week Seventeen of the Holiday Grand Plan

Its here!!!! Today marks the start of the Holiday Grand Plans Celebrate week and the start of a week long celebration for Top Ender, Baby Boy and I (Daddy is at work for a lot of the week).

We start today with the celebration of Baby Cousins First Birthday, then this afternoon Top Ender and I are going to bake when we get back and then this evening we will light our last advent candle and sit as a family watching our last weekly Christmas film. I think that we are going to watch Barbie's The Christmas Carol, but if Daddy gets his way it will be The Muppets Christmas Carol!

Tomorrow Top Ender, Baby Boy and I will make some cake balls and possibly a yule log... depends if I think Top Ender can handle it! We will then go and visit with my Mum again as she will have some old and very close family friends coming over (weather permitting). Daddy isn't keen on me driving in the current weather conditions (apparently it isn't my driving but everybody else that makes him worried) but we might make an adventure of it and go by train!

On Tuesday I have a whole series of art and craft activities for Top Ender and Baby Boy, including some things that we can put up in our home and some things that we are going to make for last minute gifts, including hand wreaths, reindeer hand prints and a few calenders!

Wednesday afternoon will hopefully see the roads clear enough that we can go and pick up last minute shopping items, the sort of things that have short shelf lives, but are essential at Christmas such as cream and fresh fruit...but if not we might risk walking to the supermarket instead of driving!

Thursday is the day that we are looking forward to as we are hoping to go to John Lewis and drink Hot Chocolate and eat cookies whilst watching the last minute panic stricken shoppers run around the shopping centre! We will also pop to a couple of supermarkets to pick up some reduced bargins so that we can not worry about going shopping again until the New Year! Just make sure that you have room in the freezer if you decide to also go bargin grocery shopping on Christmas Eve!

Friday of course is the big day and there shall be an Alternative to the Queens Speech right here at A Mothers Ramblings!

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