Top Ender Giggles - Handy Manny I blame you!

Baby Boy laying on the sofa watching Handy Manny

Baby Boy loves Handy Manny (and so do I) and so it is often on in our house. Of course this means that Top Ender is quite often forced to watch it. One of the episodes that caused quite a stir in our house is when Manny goes to his Family Reunion.

"Can we have a family reunion Mummy?" Top Ender asked for around the 100th time.
"Well, who would you invite" I asked because for various reasons one side of my family and one side of Daddy's family have essentially been cut out of our lives
"Our family obviously" she replied
"Yes but you traditionally only invite one branch" I countered
"Oh. Well I guess your family as I am more related to your family that Daddy's" she said
"What do you mean Top Ender?" I questioned
"Well Baby Boy and I came out of you so we are more your family" she said