It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas - Week Sixteen of the Holiday Grand Plan

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas in our house and this week in the Holiday Grand Plan it is Maintenance Week, which for me is quite lucky as I have a couple of chores that I need to do but there is nothing major that needs doing!

I still have a few gifts to finish making, I have one of Daddy's gifts to finish, and Top Ender and Baby Boy's pillow cases and hot water bottle covers need to be made too... although the covers I will probably do whilst watching the snooker with 'Daddy' this evening. All of these gifts are ones that will take me an evening at the most and I can do whilst watching the TV!

The Mummy shop was open yesterday for Top Ender and included a new staff member, who Top Ender reliably informs me, was Santa's wife! Apparently she was very helpful and should come again next year as she also helped Top Ender with all her wrapping and labels... wish that she would come and help me next year!

This week sees Baby Boy having a Christmas party on Monday, Top Ender having a festive lunch period on Thursday and Top Enders Christmas performance on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning (we have tickets to go on the Tuesday) and of course Top Ender breaks up from school too!

It has made me realise that Christmas, New Year, Top Enders and Daddy's birthdays are all just round the corner and we had really better get on enjoying the season before it has flown by! Daddy is unfortunately working in the evening on both Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Years Eve and is starting to feel a little guilty about it. As I pointed out to him however once the kids are in bed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day the only things that I will have to do this year are watch TV or read and they are really solo pursuits!

Oh and one last thing I kept wanting to put up some external lights outside our bedroom windows but kept procrastinating! Today I took control however and hung them out whilst Daddy looked after the children in the living room. I was very pleased with the results (as were Top Ender, Baby Boy and Daddy) and I know that next year I will get them up as soon as I do the inside!

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