The Yummy Mummy With No Tummy Challenge - Week Nineteen

The scales are the one thing in my life that tell me the truth week in and week out. I trust them, I understand them. I know that they want what is best for me. I know that even if I look like I have lost weight, but I haven't that they won't tell me that I have.

I know that my scales won't look at old photos of me from the last few years and tell me that I look like I have lost a lot of weight (Thank you though Daddy it was very kind of you) even though I don't think that I have.

So when I got on the scales this morning and saw that my weight had increased by 1lb from last week I was happy. My scales are telling me that despite all the indulgences of the past week my plan to try to keep on track and to try to exercise as much possible is actually working. I worked out my calorie in-take and I know that without my conscious efforts to exercise more that I should of put on a lot more than 1lb.

And so I look forward to next year knowing that I can lose weight, keep it off and enjoy myself doing it!