Finishing up the Holiday Prep or Week Fifteen of the Holiday Grand Plan

Baby Boy with Reindeer Mask and Antlers

This week is week Fifteen on the Holiday Grand Plan, which is also known as Finish-Up Week. I love when we reach this week as to me it means that Christmas can officially start! As I mentioned yesterday in my post Christmas Celebrations Kick Off we have a great festive weekend planned but it doesn't stop as this week also sees some treats.

Tomorrow night we are going to see Cinderella at the Milton Keynes Theatre, as part of the Have a lovely Time Great Panto Review 2009 series, none of us can wait and the review will be up here next week, hopefully on Tuesday!

I do have a few little bits that I need to do this week in order to be completely ready and they are;

*Finish off the Home Made Gifts for Daddy
*Finish off with Top Ender the crayons for her friends
*Watch one Christmas film as a family a week and one a day on my own!
*Enjoy the booked/scheduled family events

Now I had better run as I need to get ready for breakfast with Santa this morning and I still have a picnic to make for this evening! So as always if you would like to see how some others are preparing for Christmas take a look at theses fellow Bloggers and share the comment love with them;

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