Top Ender Giggles - Unrequited Love

Top Ender with Prince Charming, the only man good enough for her in my opinion

The other night as Top Ender was coming out of school she stopped for a second and spoke to Mrs Wise Owl. I was too far away to hear what was being said, and we already know that I can't lip read so when Top Ender made it to me I asked her what she had asked.

"Oh I was just asking her to have a word with Lothario" (not his real name!)
"Why's that then?" I asked
"Well he wants me to be his Girlfriend and keeps trying to kiss me" she stated
"He what?!" I said trying to remember to breathe
"He wants me to be his Girlfriend and keeps trying to kiss me!" she repeated
"And you don't want to be his Girlfriend or kiss him?" I asked silently praying the answer would be No
"No, so I asked Mrs Wise Owl to tell him to stop it"

The next day I asked Top Ender if everything had been sorted with Lothario at school.

"Yes" she said
"Did Mrs Wise Owl have a word with him?" I asked
"Yes, but it didn't matter as he doesn't want me to be his Girlfriend anymore"
"That's good then" I said
"I told him that I was just too young for a boyfriend and that we should just be friends" she stated

Phew dodged that bullet then!