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Last week we were on holiday in Scotland. It was a lovely Autumn break, although at times it felt more like winter. As the 3G service was patchy at best in the caravan we were staying in, Daddy and I found ourselves of a loss of what to do once the children were safely tucked up in bed (under layers of blankets and duvets, bed socks and hot water bottles) and so we started watching Autumn Watch on the BBC.

The night before we were going to go out to Loch Leven, a Loch near where my Mum grew up, Chris Packham talked about the Pink Footed Geese that were doing their annual migration from Iceland to Loch Leven. What a coincidence we thought. Wouldn't it be lovely to see them we said.

We were at the Loch for several hours and didn't see a single Pink Footed Goose. 

Disappointed but not too disheartened about it (it's a big Loch they could have been anywhere) we were ready to head back when suddenly a flock of Pink Footed Geese flew over, rather noisily too. We weren't quick enough to get a photograph of them as they flew over head, but they landed in some nearby Farmland and we managed to get a photograph then.

Pink Footed Geese Loch Leven

To me this picture is my 2012 Autumn and so is my entry to Tara's Gallery.

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