Verify a Blogger Blog on Pinterest

There is a way to verify your blogger blog on Pinterest, but it does involve a little work (isn't it always the way?) and this will hopefully help you to do this.

1) Go to Pinterest and download the verification file. You will find it in your account settings, fairly close to the bottom. Click the button and you'll be taken to a new screen, where you can download the Pinterest HTML File.

Verify Blogger Blog on Pinterest

2) Open the HTML file in notepad and leave open on your desktop for a minute.

3) Go to your blogger account and create a new page. I know you don't want to, but it's only for a minute or  five.

4) Swap to the HTML compose section for your page and then copy the HTML file from notepad and paste into the blog page. Title the page something obvious, as you can see I went with TEST. Publish this page.

How to Verify Blogger Blog on Pinterest

5) Open your blog and go to the new page you have just created. You will need the URL of this blog page for the next step.

6) In you blogger dashboard, you need to go to settings, then Search Preferences and then open up the Custom Redirects. You are about to create a custom redirect to get Pinterest to the URL that it is looking for.

7) In the custom redirect boxes you need to put in where Pinterest expects to find the file (the address is on the page where you downloaded the file from) and where it actually is. For me the Test file is at and I had to show it to be . Make sure that you tell the redirect it has to be permament.

Pinterest Blogger Verfiy Redirect

8) Then you simply tell Pinterest you are done by clicking on the link. I had to do it several times before it realised I wasn't lying and then I simply deleted the page to keep my header tidy.

Verified Blogger Blog on Pinterest

Hope this helps you all!

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