What We Are Eating This Week (W/C 17/11)

Last week things went a little awry with Big Boy being ill, and a few meal swaps. This week we might not have Daddy at home with us a few nights and so the meals might get swapped round again depending on if he can or can't be home with us on time, or if he is super late and won't be eating with us at all.

Saturday - Pizza and Salad

When Big Boy was ill this last week we couldn't have his friend round for tea, so I swapped a couple of meals around and we're having the Pizza that we didn't have on the Thursday tonight. Although as we're going to be in London until dark we're not going to be making our own bases and using some pre-packaged gluten free ones. I still thinking about toppings, but I think mine has to be red onion and sweetcorn. Actually can you put Boursin on pizza? I had some delivered this week to try... hmmm I'll experiment and report back!


Sunday - Sunday Roast

Roast Day! Yay! We had pork last week, which although nice just wasn't as great as Chicken so I'm thinking that this week we'll have beef. As Daddy is in charge of cooking the roast because I'm at Church I just hope that he knows how to cook beef properly. I can say for certain that Daddy will cook peas and carrots with the potatoes and yorkshire puddings for the children and of lots of Roast Potatoes.

Monday - Sausage Curry

Big Boy has been learning about Diwali at School and this afternoon they are going to be trying some different Indian foods so I thought it would be nice to have a mild curry for dinner. I've made it a Sausage Curry as everyone loves Sausages! Despite what Daddy says though a curry is a curry if you include vegetables and so I'll add some cauliflower and broccoli as nobody apart from me will know they are there!

Tuesday - Baked Sloppy Joes

We didn't get to eat the baked sloppy joes last week, so we're having it tonight. I can't express just how lush this meal is, we are all still in love with it. The good thing is if Daddy is late home, this is the sort of meal that can be kept in the oven on low and still taste as amazing as when it was first served. At least I hope it is.

Wednesday - Pasta and Casserole

I love pasta, it's fairly cheap (well the non Gluten Free stuff is anyway) and it is easy to prepare. Tops, Big Boy and I are going to eat it with some Aunt Bessie Casserole. I know that sounds odd, but the great thing about Pasta is that it goes with everything and I really need to use the casseroles up that I got when I went to spend the day with the Aunt Bessie's team! Daddy will just have to have plain old pasta when he gets in, although I might be tempted to heat him up a tin of soup.

Aunt Bessie's Frozen Casserole

Thursday - Jacket Potatoes

When I make the curry on Monday, I'll make a second batch of curry for Daddy to put on his Jacket Potato tonight. That way he won't complain about having Jacket Potatoes, whilst the children and I quite happily tuck into our bean and potatoes!

Friday - Tuna Steak

Quite a while ago Daddy and I had Tuna Steaks for our evening meal. I can't remember what we had with it but I do remember that we both liked it. The Tuna Steaks were more like eating meat than fish, which was a good thing for Daddy as he didn't used to eat a lot of fish, and they were really filling. Plus I really fancy a nice Tuna Steak with a home made Salsa sauce over the top.

So that's what we are eating this week, what about you?

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